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Assistance Available for Selection of the Right Alloy for Your Application

Alloys which Pinnacle commonly works with are listed below. Contact Us for other alloys.


A360 A360 is best for corrosion resistance and pressure tightness
A380 A380, the most common of die cast aluminum alloys used, offers good combination of mechanical properties, tightness against pressure, resistance to hot cracking and cost.
383 383 is a variation of A380, but provides better die casting characteristics with moderate reductions in mechanical characteristics
390 390 is for applications where high strength and wear resistance properties are required


Zamak 3 Zamak 3 is the most commonly die cast zinc alloy due to its good balance of mechanical properties, dimensional stability, and characteristics for quality finishing, i.e. plating, plating, chromate processing.
ZA8 ZA 8 is best in structural and high mechanical stress applications due to its high strength, hardness and resistance to creep. It has a high aluminum content but can still be plated.
ZA 27 ZA 27 is suitable where high yield strength is desired (380 MPa; 55ksi), or where wear resistance is important. It is not recommended for plating.
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