Application Examples – Pinnacle Manufacturing, Inc.

Wide Range of Alloys and Applications

Examples of applications for which Pinnacle Manufacturing has supplied cast and machined components include:

  • Medical dosing pumps
  • Dental treatment equipment
  • Instrument and gauge enclosures
  • Electronic and electrical control panels
  • Heavy duty specialty lights
  • Emergency vehicle lights
  • Explosion proof gauges
  • Portable construction lights
  • Commercial door hardware
  • Commercial construction installation brackets – panels, walls, ceilings, floors
  • Commercial heaters
  • Landscaping products
  • Small engine parts
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Lawn care equipment
  • Outdoor furniture

Multiple intricate parts cast, machined, finished and assembled for this medical dosing pump assembly.

Raw and finished cast panel for an industrial electronic control. Pinnacle can paint or powder coat, and stencil or laser mark your components.

Used in heavy duty industrial doors, these components are cast in zinc for high strength and durability.

Pinnacle supplies multiple cast and finished components for various handheld industrial grade power tools.

Cast aluminum components for handheld power tools. Shown are a raw casting before trim and finish, and a finished assembly.

Cast aluminum housings offer protection against impact, dust, moisture, chemicals and flame in outdoor and industrial applications. These rings, bezels, bases and housings are for assorted pneumatic, electronic and hydraulic applications.

Assembly of thin cast parts provide light weight and rigidity for an industrial mixer assembly.

Various cast, machined, finished and assembled items for dental treatment equipment

Assembled measurement tool for dental applications

Heat sinking, polished lighting casting, and a protective base for an electronic assembly.

Aftermarket drive train components for utility vehicles made from aluminum 390 to withstand high friction.

Aftermarket carburetor components designed to enhance performance of on and off road vehicles. Process steps include steel media burnishing, machining, and laser engraving of brand and part information.

Wear resistant cast components for heavy duty, handheld industrial and agricultural sprayers. Applied finish provides the brass-like appearance.

Using a family of molds these air gun parts are cast in zinc for long life under conditions of mechanical shock and high wear. The slide covers on the left show the raw slide casting, and the slide after tight tolerance CNC machining and finishing.

Cast housing and end cover for industrial centrifugal pump.

Cutaway of an industrial pump showing various cast parts.  Pinnacle produces castings for pumps, motors, and other industrial products.

Various knobs, handles, mechanical indexing components, and control mechanisms cast and machined by Pinnacle.

Cast in zinc for strength at an economical price, the suspension brackets are for hanging ceiling fixtures, and the cover assembly is for protecting floor power outlets.

Pinnacle specializes in OEM casting, machining and finishing of custom brackets and fixtures used in commercial building applications – panels, electrical, plumbing, HVAC

Examples of thin wall castings. These are covers for pumps and motors.

Examples of small parts cast in zinc and machined. Zinc provides high strength and rigidity in smaller parts.

Cast components provide durability in high abuse applications.  This joy stick assembly is used in a control mechanism for large off-road construction equipment.

Mounting bases cast in aluminum and machined.

Miscellaneous cast, machined and finished parts for lawn and garden products, recreational marine applications, small aircraft engines, and gas control mechanisms.